How to become a Young Regional Ambassador

Become a Young Regional Ambassador !

Interested in becoming the FEDRA’s Young Regional Ambassador of your region? It’s very simple!

  • A three-step application.
  • Help us expand of FEDRA's Community in your region.

… But first, check the requirements!


You need to:

  • Be between 22 and 30 years old;
  • Speak English. It is an essential point to become a Young Regional Ambassador;
  • Be graduated from higher education (business school, political science or economic studies…);
  • Live in the region you choose to represent as a Young Regional Ambassador (or at least to have a postal address in the region you chose);
  • Speak the common language of the said region;
  • Provide at least one reference.

Moreover, your region needs to figure among the 300 European regions.

If you meet all the requirements but your region is already represented, our Secretariat will offer you to become FEDRA's Young Local Representative! They are FEDRA’s contact points in their city/town or commune to help it grow at the European level.


Code of Conduct

Young Regional Ambassadors and Local Representatives represent FEDRA at their level. As such, they have to remember that their actions may impact not only themselves, but also FEDRA's Community reputation. In order to avoid misunderstandings, it is important for them to follow our Code of Conduct that can be summarized into four main rules:

  • Respect the law: FEDRA expects its Young Ambassadors and Representatives to abide by, and respect the laws in the country they act on its name;
  • Respect FEDRA’s value;
  • Remain professional: FEDRA expects its Young Ambassadors and Representatives to act and behave in a professional and business-like manner when acting on its behalf;
  • Report to us any problem faced when acting on behalf of FEDRA

FEDRA is reserving the right to dismiss any Young Regional Ambassador or Local Representative of their title and functions if they do not comply with this Code.


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