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05 February


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Meet Eva De Troij, YRA in Haut-de-France

Eva is a 23 year old talented young lady with a bachelor degree in European Political and Social Sciences from ESPOL in Lille (France) and a Master of Arts of European Public Affairs (EPA) from the Maastricht University. She did her Masters’ internship at FEDRA before becoming a Trainee for MEP Matthijs van Miltenburg and then his parliamentary assistant for the REGI committee. She is currently working for the ALDE Group as assistant in JURI and BUDG committees.


Her hobbies include traveling and discovering new cultures, as well as culinary traditions. She values overall open-mindedness, tolerance and freedom.

"I am a curious person, that likes to discover new places, people, traditions, and that is always eager to learn new things. I think I am a quite optimistic person as well that tries to stay positive in life. I think that there is a lot of ignorance in this world which often brings fear and misconceptions. And I do believe that if people would travel more and/or be more interested in other cultures, people, traditions, they would “automatically” become more respectful and open-minded towards what is different. Because to me, what makes the richness of this world, and of the European Union for instance, is its diversity. Therefore I think that traveling is the best way to become more open-minded in life, about others, but about yourself as well. It is by the way something that has been facilitated and promoted through the EU via its different programmes like ERAMUS+, Employment for Young Europeans, or the European Voluntary Service (EVS) for instance, and also with all the transnational cooperation programmes such as Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), or the TEN-T projects that facilitates the mobility of citizens and enterprises."

Eva also truly believes that the regional dimension is important for the European Union: "According to me, the regional level is the level that could benefit the most from the EU and its programmes and that could also bring the trust of the EU back to its citizens. It is for me the level were a lot of cooperation projects are possible and interesting to make in order to learn from each others’ best practices, and successes. There is for sure still a lot of work to be done, not only from the EU side, but also from the national Member States’ one."


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