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03 July

Aberdeenshire: Scotland at its best

Known as the granite city or the Oil & Gas Capital of Europe, Aberdeen has been at the centre of Scottish trades for years. Long before Oil and Gas exploration began in the 70’s, the city was the biggest fishing and shipping trades centre in Scotland.

You can still see the close ties with the marine world having a stroll along the Footdie village, Aberdeen kept its places secret where you can admire the small houses of where fishermen used to live near the lighthouse. Once you reach Footdie, plan a walk along the sandy beach and stop by the Silver Spoon, the most renown fish restaurant in the city.

Admire the characteristic 1800 architecture of Marischal college, Castlegate and the Music Hall built following a mixture of Victorian and Neoclassical inspiration. 

Nowadays the city has become a centre of excellence for university education, able to attract students from 160 different countries thanks to the two universities and one college.

If you have always dreamt about hiking in the Scottish Highlands, look no further. Balmoral and Ben Nevis (the tallest mountain in Scotland) are only a couple of hours drive away from Aberdeen and offer scenic views and wandering hikes.  

And if you are more inclined towards the famous Scottish Castles, Castle Craigievar Castle and Balmoral Castel, the summer residence of Her Majesty the Queen, are very close to the Granite City. Stonehevan is only 15 minutes away and it is home to one of the ghost-hunted Scottish castle with a beautiful cliff right on the North Sea.

With the Oil & Gas crisis, Aberdeen entrepreneurial spirit has managed to invest in many renewable energy initiatives. One of the most successful projects has been the Aberdeen Community Energy Scheme, a Hydro Scheme on the river Don (Aberdeen major river) which has been funded by private community investments paving the path to a new low carbon economy.

Many festivals run throughout the year, including Aberdeen International Youth Festival in the summer which brings youth performers from around the world, Aberdeen jazz festival in the spring and the Music Sound festival in the autumn giving a nice vibe to the City.

In the past, Aberdeen has been a touristic destination for many Scottish families due to its long beaches - Balmedie is a pearl in the summer, where you can admire dolphins and seals - and lovely parks with botanical gardens. Nowadays it has become a tour stop for people wondering around the natural beauty of Scotland.

So if you are planning to come to the majestic Isle of Skye or the Highlands & Island, do pay a visit to the friendly Aberdeen on the North-East. 

- Written by Giulia Marzetti 

Aberdeen arms

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