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NeoConnect - Digitise your community

Today, European citizens are living in an interconnected world. This is largely due to an increase in the use of interactive digital tools that enable us to more easily share things with each other. Despite that, there is still an important gap between the EU bubble and European citizens as too many European networks are failing to engage with their extended communities and to develop their organisations.

In order to address these issues, FEDRA, Vox Teneo and @Vitam joined forces to develop NeoConnect, a digital tool designed specifically to:

  • Interconnect your network and expand your community through your own digital platform;
  • Create easy links and interactions between your members, best practices, organisations and projects;
  • Share your specificities and spread your message across Europe and beyond.


More Info

Download our brochure to find everything you need to know about NeoConnect and its practicalities:

- In English

- In French

In German

- In Italian

In Polish

In Romanian

- In Spanish

- In Dutch: coming soon...

- In Hungarian: coming soon...






Visit @vitam’s platform to have a first glimpse of what your own platform could look like, with your own logo, lay out and community!

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